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World Cup Saturday

SOME events may be moved
from slow rings to fast rings.

LISTEN for announcements at the tournament.

Ring 1: U6

SC22 M/F 18yrs & over Nov-Int    11

Estimated duration for this ring is 00:22

Ring 2: 6-7

Ring 3: 8-9 Mixed

Ring 4: 8-9 Adv-Exp

SC10a M 8yrs only Adv-Exp    17
SC10b M 9yrs only Adv-Exp    11

Estimated duration for this ring is 00:56

Ring 5: 10-11 Nov-Int

Ring 6: 10-11 Adv-Exp

SC14a M 10yrs only Adv-Exp    15
SC14b M 11yrs only Adv-Exp    17

Estimated duration for this ring is 01:04

Ring 7: 12-13

SC9 F 8-9yrs Adv-Exp    23

Estimated duration for this ring is 00:46

Ring 8: 14-17

SC20 M/F 16-17yrs Nov-Int    2
SC21 M/F 16-17yrs Adv-Exp    11

Estimated duration for this ring is 00:26

Ring 9: 18+

TF28 M/F 40yrs & over Adv-Exp    23
SC23 M/F 18yrs & over Adv-Exp    26
SU32 M 18yrs & over Nov-Exp to 66.0kg   2
SU33 M 18yrs & over Nov-Exp 67.0-77.0kg   8
SU34 M 18yrs & over Nov-Exp 78.0-87.0kg   5
SU35 M 18yrs & over Nov-Exp 88.0kg+   10

Estimated duration for this ring is 02:28

Ring 10: Tricking

Ring 11: Koshiki

KK17 F 18-34yrs Nov-Int    2
KK18 F 18-34yrs Adv-Exp    5
KK19 M 18-30yrs Nov-Int    3
KK20 M 18-30yrs Adv-Exp    6
KK21 M 31yrs & over Nov-Int    2
KK22 M 31yrs & over Adv-Exp    6
KK23 F 35yrs & over Nov-Int    2
KK24 F 35yrs & over Adv-Exp    3

Estimated duration for this ring is 01:56

Ring 12: spare

Ring 13-14: Junior Jiu Jitsu

J2a M/F 7-9yrs Wht only to 27.0kg   2
J2b M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 27.1-30.2kg   4
J2c M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 30.3-33.2kg   2
J2d M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 33.3-36.2kg   4
J2e M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 36.3-39.3kg   2
J2f M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 39.4-42.3kg   1
J2g M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 42.4-45.3kg   0
J2h M/F 7-9yrs Wht only 45.4kg+   0
J3a M 10-12yrs Wht only to 32.2kg   1
J3b M 10-12yrs Wht only 32.3-36.2kg   7
J3c M 10-12yrs Wht only 36.3-40.3kg   2
J3d M 10-12yrs Wht only 40.4-44.3kg   3
J3e M 10-12yrs Wht only 44.4-48.3kg   3
J3f M 10-12yrs Wht only 48.4-52.5kg   1
J3g M 10-12yrs Wht only 52.6-56.5kg   1
J3h M 10-12yrs Wht only 56.6-60.5kg   0
J3i M 10-12yrs Wht only 60.6kg+   0
J4a F 10-12yrs Wht only to 32.2kg   0
J4b F 10-12yrs Wht only 32.3-36.2kg   0
J4c F 10-12yrs Wht only 36.3-40.3kg   0
J4d F 10-12yrs Wht only 40.4-44.3kg   0
J4e F 10-12yrs Wht only 44.4-48.3kg   0
J4f F 10-12yrs Wht only 48.4-52.5kg   1
J4g F 10-12yrs Wht only 52.6-56.5kg   1
J4h F 10-12yrs Wht only 56.6-60.5kg   0
J4i F 10-12yrs Wht only 60.6kg+   0
J5a M 13-15yrs Wht only to 44.2kg   0
J5b M 13-15yrs Wht only 44.3-48.3kg   0
J5c M 13-15yrs Wht only 48.4-52.5kg   2
J5d M 13-15yrs Wht only 52.6-56.5kg   3
J5e M 13-15yrs Wht only 56.6-60.5kg   2
J5f M 13-15yrs Wht only 60.6-65.0kg   3
J5g M 13-15yrs Wht only 65.1-69.0kg   3
J5h M 13-15yrs Wht only 69.1-73.0kg   1
J5i M 13-15yrs Wht only 73.1kg+   1
J6a F 13-15yrs Wht only to 44.2kg   1
J6b F 13-15yrs Wht only 44.3-48.3kg   0
J6c F 13-15yrs Wht only 48.4-52.5kg   0
J6d F 13-15yrs Wht only 52.6-56.5kg   0
J6e F 13-15yrs Wht only 56.6-60.5kg   0
J6f F 13-15yrs Wht only 60.6-65.0kg   1
J6g F 13-15yrs Wht only 65.1-69.0kg   0
J6h F 13-15yrs Wht only 69.1-73.0kg   1
J6i F 13-15yrs Wht only 73.1kg+   1
J7a M 16-17yrs Wht only to 58.4kg   0
J7b M 16-17yrs Wht only 58.5-64.0kg   3
J7c M 16-17yrs Wht only 64.1-69.0kg   0
J7d M 16-17yrs Wht only 69.1-74.0kg   0
J7e M 16-17yrs Wht only 74.1-79.3kg   0
J7f M 16-17yrs Wht only 79.4-84.3kg   0
J7g M 16-17yrs Wht only 84.4-89.3kg   0
J7h M 16-17yrs Wht only 89.4kg+   0
J8a M 16-17yrs Blu only to 58.4kg   0
J8b M 16-17yrs Blu only 58.5-64.0kg   1
J8c M 16-17yrs Blu only 64.1-69.0kg   1
J8d M 16-17yrs Blu only 69.1-74.0kg   0
J8e M 16-17yrs Blu only 74.1-79.3kg   0
J8f M 16-17yrs Blu only 79.4-84.3kg   0
J8g M 16-17yrs Blu only 84.4-89.3kg   0
J8h M 16-17yrs Blu only 89.4kg+   0
J9a F 16-17yrs Wht-Blu to 48.2kg   0
J9b F 16-17yrs Wht-Blu 48.3-52.5kg   1
J9c F 16-17yrs Wht-Blu 52.6-56.5kg   0
J9d F 16-17yrs Wht-Blu 56.6-60.5kg   0
J9e F 16-17yrs Wht-Blu 60.6-65.0kg   0
J9f F 16-17yrs Wht-Blu 65.1kg+   1

Estimated duration for this ring is 02:02

Event types on this page:

SC -   Sword Combat
TF -   Traditional Forms
SU -   Sumo
KK -   Koshiki
J -   Jiu Jitsu
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